The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a paraprofessional who practices under the supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA. The primary responsibility of the RBT is direct implementation and data tracking of skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction plans as developed by the supervisor. RBT’s may also be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Appropriately targeting goal and supplemental programs through naturalistic teaching procedures and Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)
  • Implementing appropriate interventions as outlined in behavior descriptions and skill acquisition programs
  • Taking thorough and accurate data during each session
  • Continually targeting generalization
  • Engaging with parents on parent training techniques – both systematically and naturally
  • Facilitation of social skills in the home, community, and social skills groups

Behavior Consultants are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, early childhood development or education and have at least 2 years experience working one on one with children on the autism spectrum. They are also required to clear DOJ and FBI fingerprinting, as well as have updated TB clearance. Upon being hired at AEFCT and before interacting alone with any AEFCT consumer, the behavior consultant begins a two-week training program. Each new Behavior Consultant receives an AEFCT employee packet with all training materials included. The training program consists of at least 6 two-hour therapy overlaps on various consumer cases in conjunction with six hours (across two different days) of “paper” training with a Clinical Director. Paper training consists of an overview of the following topics:

  • AEFCT policy and procedure
  • Job description
  • Autism review
  • Current research
  • Mandated reporting guidelines and procedures
  • Review of Consumer’s rights defined in Title 17, section 50510
  • Review of pertinent Welfare & Institution Codes
  • Data collection/DTT training
  • Social Facilitation training
  • School Shadow training

Once the Behavior Consultant begins attending one on one sessions alone with their clients, the Clinical Supervisor on each of their cases reviews specific goals of the child and overlaps with the consultant in order to explain/demonstrate specific programs.

Ongoing Company-wide Training:

Mandatory ongoing staff training is provided to all AEFCT employees on a monthly basis. The trainings are designed to provide up to date information and hands-on training related to the various methodologies used at AEFCT. Ongoing training topics include: ABA principles, DTT, data collection, PECS, parent training techniques, professionalism, etc. Our monthly trainings may also incorporate experts from the field who come and speak to their expertise and experience in the autism community.

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