The Clinical Supervisors at AEFCT are highly experienced individuals, who hold a Masters Degree, BCBA, and have been in the field of autism for at least four years. The Clinical Supervisor will develop, implement and maintain the client’s individual behavioral therapy program. Clinical Supervisors will also evaluate the client through relevant assessments in order to help create IEP and/or Program goals and objectives, write progress reports, make recommendations related to the client’s program and attend IEP and/or Regional Center meetings.

The Clinical Supervisor will ensure the programs progression by holding team meetings with all pertinent staff related to the program. The supervisor will also observe the client in different settings such as school, home and the community to ensure consistency of the behavioral program. They will also overlap with the behavior consultants working directly with the client again to ensure consistency and provide ongoing training to the team.

BCBA Supervision

AEFCT provides BCBA Supervision to employees attending      Masters/BCBA programs. Candidates will be observed monthly and meet monthly with BCBA Supervisors, following a curriculum designed to prepare for taking the BCBA exam and becoming a BCBA. AEFCT provides BCBA supervision at no charge to employees and has assisted many BCBA’s in obtaining their BCBA certification since 2010.


AEFCT also offers consultation services which include collaborating with other professionals who are working with the client such as school district aides, classroom teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists and medical professionals. AEFCT believes in working with all members of the team to ensure that the client’s needs are being met fairly and appropriately.