Services and Criteria For Participation


catalinaExperiencing new places and people enriches and helps to fulfill the lives of young adults. Traveling builds character and shapes perspective of the world around us. Young adults go on road trips, camping trips, and travel with their friends to places that give them new experiences and perspectives. AEFCT Expeditions provides the opportunity for our participants to have the same experiences as their typically developing peers in a fun, safe, and supported environment.

  • AEFCT Expeditions offers day trips in and around San Diego County featuring outdoor oriented recreational activities and adventures.
  • AEFCT Expeditions will also feature overnight and multi day trips to destinations outside of San Diego County to camp, visit State and National parks, and other points of interest requiring travel time.
  • Trips will be chaperoned by experienced and qualified AEFCT staff with backgrounds in working with individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • ┬áTrips will maintain a minimum of one staff member for every three participants.
  • Trips will allow the participant to be supported by staff while targeting social skills, community skills, planning, and increasing overall independence.
  • Trips are all inclusive. The price of the trip will include meals, transportation, tickets, etc. The participant will only need to bring money for souvenirs or other discretionary spending.
  • The trip itinerary will include a packing checklist.

Criteria for participation


  • Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Males and females are both welcome and trips will be staffed by both male and female staff accordingly.
  • Due to the nature of travel and schedule, the participant cannot have any recent (within the past year) history of maladaptive behavior. Maladaptive behavior includes, aggression, elopement, or tantrum behavior. Participants need to be able to follow multi-step directions and participants need to be able to express their needs and wants without engaging in maladaptive behavior.

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  • Contact AEFCT Expeditions by emailing or by Calling AEFCT at 1-858-569-0056
  • Set up a quick screening call for eligibility
  • AEFCT Expeditions will email you a registration form.

*Trips are all inclusive. The price of the trip included transportation, meals, tickets, etc. The participant will only need money for discretionary spending.